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2020 OIW Assembly


The OIW 2020 Fall Assembly has unfortunately been canceled. 

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Now, when patriotism and honoring our nation’s history has never been more in jeopardy, it truly weighs heavily on me that I must cancel our 2020 OIW Assembly. The decision was made for us. Oklahoma’s situation as regards the COVID Virus has deteriorated dangerously and as of this date, both Fort Sill and Fort Reno are closed. Neither has even a projected opening date. These two sites are crucial to our tour. Considering the seriousness of this virus, particularly in regard to our age group, this is the only responsible choice. By taking this action now, I hope all of us will be able to attend the 2021 OIW Assembly in Oklahoma City. Dates will be announced soon.

Sadly, Mike Koury

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