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About OIW

·  Order of the Indian Wars is a "spiritual" descendant of an earlier group formed by actual veterans of the Indian Wars campaigns known as "The Order of Indian Wars of the United States." Our purposes are similar: In-depth study and dissemination of information on that aspect of United States military history of Indian warfare whether it is Indians against each other or with emigrant settlers and soldiers alike.  We seek to understand and commemorate the history of the peoples and events in our past.We also seek to preserve and protect those important sites associated with the history of the Indian Wars in this country and to encourage individuals and groups to become involved in the preservation effort of their communities

OIW Board of Directors

Mike Koury, Chairman

Bart Bartlett

Danny Martinez​

Mike O’Keefe

Joe Creaden

Dennis Hagen

Emeritus: Neil Mangum

                   Ron Nichols

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