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The Plains on Fire

The 39th Annual OIW Assembly

Amarillo Texas

September 27-30, 2018

Mark your calendar, or better yet, make your reservations -- the 39th Annual OIW Assembly will headquarter in Amarillo, Texas. We’ll visit some of the most famous Indian wars battlefields and learn more about some of the most famous Indian wars participants; Kit Carson, Nelson Miles, Ranald Mackenzie, James Baldwin, Billy Dixon, Bat Masterson, Quanah Parker, Black Kettle, Satanta, just to drop a few names.  

Included in our proposed itinerary is the Adobe Walls I (1864) site, which is on private property and is not open to the public. This may be your only chance to visit this very important Indian wars site. We’ll also visit Adobe Walls II (1874), Palo Duro Canyon (1874) and the Washita (1868), plus museums at Borger, Texas, The Panhandle Plains Museum at Canyon, Texas, Palo Duro Canyon Museum, and the NPS Washita Museum at Cheyenne, Oklahoma. Neil Mangum will be our lead tour guide. Get on board now!

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Starting at 1:00pm Thursday, September 27

Bob Lull - Ranold Mackenzie

Alvin Lynn - Adobe Walls I
Michael O'Keefe - Adobe Walls II

Michael Hughes - The Washita

Danny Martinez - Travels with the OIW

Our After Dinner Speaker

John Carson portrays his great-grandfather Kit Carson

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