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30th Annual OIW Assembly

October 22-25, 2009

Texas Rangers, Outlaws, & Indian Wars:

The West of Robert M. Utley

Austin, Texas

This organization celebrated its 30th assembly by honoring the nation's premier Indian Wars historian -- Robert M. Utley. We met in Austin with our usual outstanding speakers setting the stage for the assembly. In addition, we heard from Bob Utley and Charles M. Robinson, III. Bob was with us on Friday as we travel to Waco to visit the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum and then toured restored Fort Parker, where Comanche raiders captured Cynthia Ann Parker -- who become mother to Quanah Parker, the Comanche war chief.

Saturday's tour took us to one of the nation's most historic cities -- San Antonio. There we explored Fort Sam Houston, home to Mackenzie, Pershing, MacArthur, and even, for a short stay, Geronimo. Of course, there was the Alamo and the I-Max movie, Alamo -- The Price of Freedom. Lunch was at the Buckhorn Saloon and its new Texas Ranger Museum. Dinner was on your own and many members toured the famous San Antonio River Walk.

The last day was spent in Austin, beginning with a tour of Custer's headquarters building during his stay in Texas. We visited the site of the Battle of Plum Creek, and then returned to Austin to tour the incredible state museum, "The Story of Texas" and see the most important graveyard in Texas.

We ended our 30th annual assembly with a banquet address by Bob Utley.

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